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Search Engines
Baidu / Images / Encyclopedia / Military News / Map
Tencent / Sina / Sogou / Bilibili
Yahoo Hong Kong / Yahoo Mailbox
Google / Gmail / Scholar / Web Wombat / Webmail
Local and National Newspapers
Sing Tao / Headline Daily (Page by Page)
Local Breaking News
China Breaking News
International Breaking News
The Standard / South China Morning Post
Xinhua Miltary News / Ministry of National Defense
China Military Online / Chinese Navy
Tencent Military / Tie Xue / Sina Aero
Ta Kung Pao / On News
i-cable News / CCTV-7
Higher Education and Schools
University of Leicester, UK
Leicester Digital Library
Leicester Research Archive
MSc in Risk, Crisis & Disaster Management
Curtin University of Technology
Library & Information Service
The Faculty of Business and Law
Office of Alumni Relations
University of Macau (former University of East Asia)
Bachelor of Business Administration
The University of Hong Kong
SPACE, The University of Hong Kong
Soul 3.0, HKU SPACE
Hong Kong Tang King Po College
Chinese Methodist School (North Point)
University of Western Sydney
School of Business
Sara Beattie Group
Sara Beattie College
Hong Kong Baptist University
SCE, Hong Kong Baptist University / SCE Friends
CIE, Hong Kong Baptist University
Raimondi College (Secondary Section)
Raimondi College Primary Section
City University of Hong Kong
SCOPE, City University of Hong Kong
Royal Brisbane International College, Australia
Holmes Institute, Australia
Utah State University, USA
Hong Kong Metropolitan University
Canterbury Chirst Church University
NCC Education
University of Portsmouth, UK

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Lingnan University
Hong Kong Shue Yan University
Hong Kong Sports Institute
The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
The Education University of Hong Kong
The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong
Caritas Institute of Higher Education
Non-local Higher and Professional Education
Registered Overseas Courses in Hong Kong
Exempted Overseas Courses in Hong Kong
Professional Bodies
The British Computer Society
Hong Kong Section
Engineering Council UK
IT Infrastructure Library, UK
Disaster Recovery Journal (drj, world)
TV Programmes
Cable TV, Hong Kong
TVB, Hong Kong
Government, Post Offices, and Yellow Pages
Hong Kong Government
Hongkong Post
Hong Kong Yellow Pages
Web Mail Services, ISPs, and Mobile Communications
i-CABLE Web-based Mail Services
Xiaomi Hong Kong
Yahoo Free Web-based Mail Services
Webmail of the Web Site
China Mobile
Reciprocal Links and Local Interest
FineScale Modeler since 12 Nov 2004
Volvo Owners Club, UK since 16 Oct 2003
Frank Lin's Homepage
Airlines and Alliances
swiss (LX) formerly swissair (SR)
oneworld (AA BA CP CX AY IB QF)
Star Alliance (AC NZ NH LH SK SQ TG UA RG)
Hong Kong Airlines (HX) formerly N8
Hong Kong International Airport
Online Arrival/Departure Flight Information
Airport Directory
Frequent Flyer Programmes
Miles & More (LX & LH)
Asia Miles (CX)
SAS EuroBonus (SK)
Hotels and Resorts
Hilton Hotels
Hilton Honors Worldwide
Car Rentals and Local Auto Traders
Fuel Pump Price by Consumer Council
Caz Buyer, Hong Kong
Vins Motors Co., Hong Kong
Banks and Foreign Exchanges
CMB Wing Lung Bank
Hong Kong Bank
Dresdner RCM MPF Runner
Fidelity MPF Runner
Invesco MPF Runner
Travel Agencies and Visa Information
Evergloss Tours
Wing On Travel
Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong
Local and World City Maps
Local Route Map
Hong Kong Place
History of Eastern District
World City Maps by Map Quest
Streetmap of the UK
WhereiS - Street Maps of Australia
Weather Forecast and World Time
Local Weather by Hong Kong Observatory
World Time by iSBiSTER
British Newspapers and Magazines
The Times
The Guardian
The Telegraph
FIA F1 / F2 / F3 / FE
FIA WTCR / Live Scores
American Newspapers and Magazines
CNN deleted due to fail to admit mistakes (17 Apr 2008)
USA Today
ABC News
Motorsport News International
National Geographic
Museums and Exhibitions
Volvo Museum, Goteborg, Sweden
Model Ship Gallery
Museums in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
Our China Story
Worldwide City Guides
Goteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden
Goteborg-Landvetter Airport
Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel
Geneve(Geneva), Switzerland
Geneva International Airport
CICR (ICRC) Geneva
Express by Holiday Inn - Geneva Airport
Macau (Macao)
Macau Grand Prix
Perth, Australia
Guide to Perth and Fremantle
Parmelia Hilton Hotel
Transperth - Public Transport
Encyclopedia and Book Shops
Encyclopedia Britannica
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Public Libraries in Hong Kong
Commercial Press, Hong Kong
e-Business Toolkit
W3Schools HTML / Colour Picker / Create own GIF online
FavIcon from Pics / FavIcon by online drawing
Create QR code / Chinese fonts / Chinese Colour Card
ICD Soft Web Hosting
Control Panel
Statistics of the Web Site / cplam
Statistics of this Web Page
Statistics of Volvo Miniatures
Statistics of the A E S / A E S / C M / E C / a-E C
Statistics of the Photo Collection
Meow Meow / / Statistics
Melody / Statistics
Taobao / Alipay / ManyBo / HotBuy
Price in Hong Kong / ePrice in Hong Kong
Fotor online poster / Convert document to or resize PDF
Digital Photography Review /
DC Fever in Hong Kong / / OM HKG
Convert: wmv to mp4 / m4a to mp3 / pdf to jpg
Comp. Emer. Resp. Team (HKCERT)
Broadband network speed test
Job Opportunity / fb
WhatsApp Web / Zoom Meeting
WeChat Web / VooV Meeting
Weibo Web / Toutiao Web / PDA Simplest

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